Friday, May 2, 2014

Me being a young person of the day would make this hard to decide. Honestly just from a guess I would say yes because of how the job world likes young minds. 5o years everyone would have jobs and it would be easy to be employeed, but know a dayse it takes a long process to enter a new job feild.I still think it's better to be a young person, only because of how much we're taught and technology is more advanced. Back then it wasn't easy for all young people to get jobs because no one would hire us.
Yes there is a part in my neighnorhood i would like to change. I honestly think the volence around my area is getting a little out of hand lately. Now a days its little kids getting shot from here and there over the stupidity thats going on in our generation. I want to change this in my neighborhood because if we all just got along in this world it will make life so much easier. If I could have a cop on every corner to make sure everyone is safe i will do so. One day i will think all of this violence will change, maybe not but soon . I rather have place where everyone is comfortable and don't have to run for there life everyday. 
I dont believe in home schooling a child. I would rather have my child at a public school so they can be around kids and enjoy themselves and learn to. Home schooling a child can make them miserable at times because they are not going anywhere, they just sitting in the house. They can learn more and get ahead being home school, but all that doesnt really matter. What really matters is if they get there work done, study, and do what they suppose to do to be successful in life. You dont have to be home school to fullfill your dreams.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

why we got to write blogs, my fingers hurt. Im so glad i am home for summer break.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

About ME

My name is Sha-Quila Hawkes. I was born January 22, 1995. My favorite color is blue. I love doing hair and nails. I just got me a new job at Wendy's. I go to Richard Bland College in Petersburg. I have 4 Friends and a boyfriend. I love listening to music when I'm alone and bored. My favorite rap artist is Kendrick Lamar, His lyrics are so real and I can relate to it sometimes. I love to eat food all day every day lol.

CIvil War Museum

On February 23, 2014 I went to the Civil War Museum in Hampton by my house. The American Civil War descended upon the town of Hampton with a blaze of historic first. There forts and buildings that did survive were witness to the great changes that the Civil War and Reconstruction brought to our nation.
I really enjoy myself at this museum because I seen a lot of things that was going on in my city way before I was born. It really amazed me. 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Spring Break

My Spring Break was awesome. I Went to Busch Gardens and got on all the Roller Coasters. I spent time with my family while I was home. I went job searching for when I come for the summer, it was so hard but it was worth and I got me a job at Wendy's.  I was so happy when they hired me, I really needed the money to so I can save up to get my car soon.